What is Educational Advocacy?

Below are concerns that may be addressed by an advocate for parents or guardians of a student with special needs:

1. The Role of a Special Education Advocate

How can special education concerns be resolved effectively?


2. Special Education Eligibility

What does it mean to be eligible for special education services? How is this process initiated, what are the timelines and procedures, and what are the implications of eligibility?


3. Special Education Regulations and Procedures


4. What is an I.E.P.?

A review of the basic components of an individualized education program with an emphasis on what parents should be looking for in an I.E.P.


5. How to work effectively with the members of your child’s special education TEAM

There is an art to being an effective member of a special education TEAM. What are some of the strategies that parents can consider that will enhance their participation as TEAM members.


6. Transition Planning

What is transition planning and why is it important? What is the transition planning process? What other agencies and programs are involved in the transition planning process?


7. Dispute Resolution

Issues may often be addressed in one session. However, additional sessions may be needed.

In addition, the advocate is able to attend TEAM meetings and to communicate with school personnel and others with permission.