If you are interested in receiving services at NBH, please click on the link below and fill out our intake form.

You can find more information regarding our waitlist at the top of either form.

Intake Form (for children under the age of 18)
Intake Form (for adults 18-23)
Telehealth Counseling Services are Available at NBH
NBH has suspended all in-office appointments (unless otherwise specified by your provider).
All established patients will be seen via Telehealth. Please contact your provider for more information.
We are also accepting new patients for Telehealth visits at this time. 

Wait List for Services

We currently have a wait list for therapy and psychiatry sessions. Please read the information at the top of the intake forms for more details. This information is updated monthly.

Intake Form 18-23

Intake Form under 18

Join our Staff!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the news? You are not alone! 

Here are some easy ways for parents to support their children during this difficult time using the mnemonic "REMEMBER".​

By Dr. Hesham Hamoda

Norwood Behavioral Health (NBH), founded in 2016 by Pediatric Associates of Norwood and Franklin, our aim is to provide the highest quality behavioral healthcare in a timely fashion to our community.


Pediatric Associates of Norwood and Franklin has been providing pediatric care to the towns of Norwood, Franklin, and surrounding  communities since 1977.


NBH, located in the same building as Pediatric Associates of Norwood and Franklin (Norwood and Franklin office), links behavioral health to the medical home. Regular communication between NBH staff and the pediatricians at PANF allows for the most effective care.